Saturday, February 19, 2011

ICC Deferral

With the naming of six prominent government officials (in different capacities) as key suspects responsible for the post election violence in 2007/8, the ICC finds itself encapsulated in our government’s idea of justice. Now, the basic breakdown of how a contractual/consultant task works is simple:
1.       You come in, get familiar with the environment and start working on your allotted task with specific goals in mind.
2.       You find results and you share these results
3.       You follow through on these results
4.       You’re evaluated based on your performance
The reasoning behind this breakdown is to illustrate clearly that the ICC did in fact come in and do their job!  It is however very pertinent to mention that whether or not their results (finding the named six suspects) are accurate is quite irrelevant to this particular issue raised in this post.
Keeping in mind the above, the World Politics Review quotes 85% of Kenyans as being in support of the ICC process with the reasoning that our country is one with a deep-rooted culture of impunity (definition being “exempt from punishment or loss) which has led many of the citizens to give up on domestic justice to deal with those responsible for the violence. (Now, if this does not scream SHAME, I don’t know what does!)
The point I’m trying to make here is simple. Every media outlet is on top of the ICC saga with respect to our president’s wants, the PM’S wants, and the government officials’ wants (and these wants by the way, are to defer Kenya from the ICC because they did their job!) but here this article is clearly stating that 85% of Kenya’s citizens were on board with the process. Are these people really working for us or are we a disposable resource they used and continue to use to get to the top? Are we really a voiceless people?

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Kigonyi Ndutha said...

When did this happen?
When did i lose myself?
My dreams,my love?
Love for life,for me.. for LOVE?
When did i die?
When will i find again?
Find yourself ... find me ...
(Thats what Kenya is saying to itself)

we are not a voiceless people. kenyans i feel were gullible to the fact that ICC can rid the stain of the post election violence and not noticing the international political stance the ICC holds. impunity is world wide. it just varies in the degree its applied. 'kikulacho ki nguoni mwako'... so i fail to see how the ICC will do any better than what our judicial system can. what we need is an overhaul of the judciary in kenya but even with that being said, we have a whole culture built on a 'singe qui voit, singe qui fait'(monkey see, monkey do) mentality. we would have to breed a whole new generation of kenyans who wont have been exposed to what plauges that country which to me is like staring into an abyss and expecting to fathom its endlessness.

on a brighter note, i think impunity is healthy. not so much a neccesity though!