Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back With A Bang!

And we're back!!!

It's been too much of a hiatus and after much interaction with followers and readers of the blog, TRUTHSPEAK is back and here to stay! 
The analysis of our current state of institutional affairs does tend to wear one down and I did not want to be in the business of giving people a message of disparity and hopelessness...this explains the hiatus. The revival (yes, I did call it a revival) is solely based on a push by readers/followers to not be engulfed in the dark sort of place we find ourselves in but to focus on where we want to go and more so, on formulating a plan on how we will get there and so THANK YOU for all the support and good ideas that I plan on featuring on here. The basis in which Truthspeak came to be is to bring us together to exchange ideas and really focus on building our nation to its full let the journey continue! 

 (Shout out to Biggie! Thank you!)

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