Sunday, May 2, 2010

THE WHISTLE BLOWER..on the bench (part 1)

Sometime back in November 09', truthspeak featured a post on John Githongo, more popularly known as "the whistle blower". It was noted in the post that although "It's our time to eat" was a great read, it left one wondering just how much bias had been present in writing the book considering the author was a good friend of the subject. None the less, the man behind the curtain, (so to speak), still remained very much a mystery to the reader. Based on his accomplishments, he seemed like an extremely intellectual being and what set him apart from the rest was his courage to come forward with information that had the potential to destroy him, his family and his heritage...and for what? According to the man, it was all about truth, justice and setting an example for what Kenyans should seek for in their leaders.
John Githongo attempted to put to rest the mystery behind him and his intentions by sitting on the bench with Jeff Koinange, of Capital Talk and the man he truly amazing!

Posts on the man that is John Githongo will be four part as is the video footage and will be broken down and discussed according to the issues he chooses to address and the work he is putting forth to educate Kenyans and help get us all in the path to healing and hopefully making better choices come the 2012 general election.

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