Friday, March 12, 2010

Dear Esther.....Love Carol

Dear Esther, SPARE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS letter is not a woiyee "Esther wetu amepotea"missive. Clay Muganda in his article "the Goddess had To Be Crazy" got me thinking last week, and after seeing and hearing you spew out more of your usual rubbish, I came to the conclusion
that you're just spoilt and shallow and Clay is right. The media created the monster you are today. Watching you over the last couple of days has convinced
me beyond doubt
that you are an attention hungry, manipulative little wench who's enjoying every minute of this madness even as those who really care about you anguish over you and your plight. That you were able to find comfort in the arms and the house of an egomaniac who loves the spotlight and thinks the world of himself, that you would announce to the world that you are married to a man whose name is Frizzle Dog says a lot, that there isn't much to you. Incidentally, stop yelling at everyone who shows a little concern for you - you are fortunate, indeed truly blessed to have this many people give a monkeys about you. If people didn't care, you'd have been laughed out of town by now and rightly so - you have the makings of a tragic soap opera written all over you and I'm
done feeling sorry for you. I don't even know why anyone was concerned for you, this is what you wanted and to your credit you told us as much three weeks ago. Didn't you say it was media stupidity? How apt. If you find my language harsh, take another hit of whatever you're smoking, you should be fine. That you are a grown woman with a right to do what you please, is not in doubt. Heck I'm sure in my life-time I will do a few things that will have people question my sanity and even my credibility. What concerns all of us is the fact that you seem hell-on-bent on destroying yourself, all the while wearing green eyeshadow and talking crap.
Woman, get a grip.The Placenta Party? Mel Gibson? Larry King? Are you really buying this crap, because we're not and we're wondering what's wrong with you.
By the by, stop looking smug... you're not the first woman to go nuts over some
"Jesus-talking-charismatic- horn-blowing nobody". You just happen to be in the
spotlight. What baffles me is that you believe in all this lunacy which has caused you to ridicule, shame and curse your parents. Which God do you claim to
The God of Abraham and Moses who told us to honour our father and our mother or the God of Hell-on (the name says it all)who believes he is better than your parents - God's representatives on earth? Let's go to the Bible:
Leviticus 20:9 If there is anyone who
curses his father or his mother, he shall
surely be put to death; he has cursed
his father or his mother, his blood
guiltiness is upon him.
Proverbs 20:20 He who curses his
father or his mother, His lamp will go
out in time of darkness. .
Matthew 15:4 "For God said, 'honour
your father and mother,' and, 'he who
. speaks evil of father or mother is to be
put to death: ,
Mark 7:10 "for Moses said, 'honour
your father and your mother'; and, Speak no evil of your parents.
He who speaks evil of father or mother, is
to be put to death'
Where"in the bible does it say you can break your mother's heart, humiliate your
father and cast scorn on them? Curses be upon you. I curse you today as you have indeed been cursed in' heaven. I curse you in the name of the very God you claim to worship - you are a fraud. That your parents love you, lavish you with affection and would do anything in their power to have their daughter back is not lost on any of us. How many girls,in this country wish they had your chances, your blessings and above all parents who hold them so dear? You're a spoilt brat, as one of my colleagues said, and it's time we saw you for what you really are.
Frank Njenga's time was wasted on you - there's nothing wrong with YOU,heck
you're bionic woman going by your great escape accounts. Watching you over the last couple of days has convinced me without a doubt, that you are very much within your senses, you love the attention, you are shamelessly myopic and arrogant, you bask in the numerous press conferences Hellon calls to stroke his ego and above all you deserve everything you get when this blows over and mark my words it will. Esther, a cute television presenter does not a leader make. To Hell-on with you and touche! It is media stupidity that created the farce that you are and the same media that must have the smarts to step away from it.

Carolyne Mutoko

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nyaxblaque said...

OOHHEMMMGGEE...It's true that Esther is a nut-case, but Carolyne Mutoko is doing a bit too much; quoting scriptures from the Bible, ati cursing her…. ahh ahh, that’s ain’t her job. The fact that she is claiming that Esther is attention hungry (which is obvious) and how she does not care, and yet she sat down, took her time and typed up this letter…WOW. Not to be harsh, but Carolyne Mutoko, go kick some rocks and shut up!!

PS: Hi Gigee! :)

Nora said...

Yes I agree Caro Mutoko gave Esther a reality check there but also i dont support the way she says she doesnt care n all yet she took the time to sit, think about the whole thing and put it in writting, she should just admit that she cares and not try putting her usual ATT, we know she aint perfect herself, she's been through drama itself!!

P.s love ur blog!

betut ne leel said...

passed by in a hurry....will read through soon and see the stuff you have...cheerio

Sirjonduke said...

Lol, very appropriate dressing down. It is not lost on me that Carolyne Mutoko used scripture because it is what Esther and Hellon were basing their madness on.
LOLed all thru the article.