Tuesday, January 19, 2010


2010 is upon us and to be quite frank I have been unequivocally waiting for that grandiose moment...you know the one I'm talking about...that moment of pure clarity and zen if you will...the moment where all signs seem to point to what we perceive to be right and true...the "ah-ha" moment! Suffice it to say I still am yet to have that moment this year...evident by the mere fact that I am typing and editing my first blog post smirk in the near end of the month! This not receiving my ah-ha moment led me to thinking...and thinking I did...perhaps too much...I'm I not inspired anymore? Have I lost hope in the cause? I'm I tired of fighting the good fight? Are things ever going to change? Can a mere blogger change the way an entire generation feels and thinks about "STUFF" as it relates to politics, economics and social aspects of our lives, of our communities, of our countries!? I'm I doing enough? Now, don't get me wrong, I am certainly not trying to come off as a victim of some sort that's seeking approval from my readers..I like to think of myself as a self sufficient think tank..one that cares to inspire more than I care to be rewarded but folks, let me be honest in saying that sometimes the world weighs so heavy in my heart and just keeping tabs with where we are headed as a country is so taxing and so disappointing that the small steps we make to change things don't seem to be enough! I really have been avoiding typing up this blog post, because as a blogger, I feel obligated to speak my truth to my readers and I feared that owning up to my moments of doubt would be demoralizing in some way or other but it has actually inspired me to NOT give up, to keep pushing because in some way or form I am making a difference...it might not be as grand as I would like it to be for now....FOR NOW....but I will get there...and so will you...so let's kick off 2010 by first and foremost being grateful for where we are right now, and then making steps, be they grand or small scale, to getting to where we want to be.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my readers!


Anonymous said...

heyy I wanna start blogging too...find a way to make my mark before I leave. It's Shiro btw <3

Anonymous said...


regardless of how irrelevant you may think your words are and your blogs are i choose to believe we with the help of yourself as young africans are on course to a great revolution. it may be one word but trust me it is tatooed on someones brain hence a thought process is initialized, continue the great work as we continue to read and contribute for if it is not us who will change our continent i do not know who will.

have a blessed year wont you.


Gigee Nyaga said...

Hi Valerie,

Thanks so much for the encouraging words. Keep reading!