Sunday, May 31, 2009


The month of May, for truthspeak, has been to say the least, a month of empowerment, enlightenment, self reflection, self awareness and hopefully,a month that has ultimately led to some well needed growth. Through truthspeak, a vast majority of articles that have been released to the public have been based on one or two articles collected from the media sources of our beloved Kenya but what I as the author of these articles had not realized was that basing my opinions on these one or two articles was as tunnel visioned as I could possibly get. Now, maybe...just maybe I could be perceived as being too harsh on myself but the fact of the matter is that I had not enough research under my belt to form a well thought out opinion that was worthy of the truthspeak audience. That said, I dedicated the month of May, and the many months and years to come to reading widely and vastly, seeking opinions whenever and wherever I can and most of all, to being open both in mind and emotion to the different perspectives that are out there because the ultimate truth is simply that truth in itself is after all subjective.

In comes the month of June...and with the new month comes a "rebirth" of truthspeak with the realization that Kenyan issues, African issues, are not only the issues displayed in the newspapers and daily news programs and channels but they are also the issues that have long been forgotten; the issues of a starving nation, a starving continent, one straining to hold its own in itself while still striving to create and hold its place in the ever developing world, one coming in its own way of success, one that does not yet recognize the bursting potential it has in itself! These are the issues truthspeak is dedicated and determined to bring to light with the hope that it will imprint its footsteps, no matter how small, in a race for much needed change in a continent, and a country that is well deserving of success.

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