Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Adventure

They say its impossible to win the race unless you venture to run. Truthspeak for me is the venture I choose to undertake.

In day to day living, much happens around us be it cultural, political, scientific, lyrical and so on and the one disappointing thing is that often our opinions on most issues and situations are not sort. Issues pertaining to our governmental structures, our appointed and elected leaders, to social issues that we may feel are beyond us somehow, are just but a few examples of the giants that are a huge part of our lives, albeit they may not have a direct evident correlation to our persons. Truthspeak seeks to connect the dots between these seemingly big giants and us (the "youth") by speaking out on our truths about situations and issues that have an undeniable effect on it directly on indirectly.

My dream for truthspeak is for it to evolve into a place where a tight knit community is formed and opinions can be shared freely, our truths (subjective as they may be) can be stated and ultimately those without a voice can be finally heard.


matu said...
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matu said...

good stuff girl.......great platform

to your highest aspirations......:-)